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Price Rs. 1200
Quantity 1
Units Litres
whatsapp selvaseelan
whatsapp anichambio@gmail.com
whatsapp 9790814960
whatsapp 8667857423
Product Avalability Dates
From 09/09/2017
To 09/10/2018
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
City Chennai
State Tamil Nadu
Country India


What is S.H.E.T ?S.H.E.T is a microbial fermentation product having a combination of Bacterial strains from which Millions of spores GERMINATE and functions like “Plant Growth Promoters Factory”, which secretes some of the beneficial enzymes which help to enhance plant growth & act as BIOPROTECTANT. Benefits • Promotes plant growth & development – SHET bacterial spores continuously produces & secretes various beneficial enzymes without depletion , These bacterias are very essential during various plant growth stages & they inhibits around plant surface & rhizosphere. • Increase Soil productivity – It improves soil texture & structure by increasing SHET sporal metabolic activity. • Improves Physical, Chemical & Biological property of Soil -When & How to UseSHET can be used on all types of Crops, Fruit crops, Vegetables, Cereals, Lawns etc. SHET is best recommended to use on all growth stages of the crop to get benefits like high yield and quality crop.SHET should be used for Foliar Spray & as Soil application. Dosage1) Foliar Spray - 1ml per 1 Liter of Water.2) Soil Application – 2ml per 1 Liter of Water. Use it through Drip, Drench or flood water. Compatibility1) For Foliar Spray – Best result with Biofit Stimrich, Bio 95 & Intact.2) For Soil Application – Best result with Biofit N, Biofit P, Biofit K.SHET is Non Toxic to human beings, animals and the Eco-system; hence it is an Eco-friendly product.