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Price Rs. 699
Quantity 1
Units Litres
whatsapp massagrofarm@gmail.com
whatsapp 9787022884
whatsapp 9787022884
Product Avalability Dates
From 02/12/2018
To 12/31/2018
Location Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India
City Tamil Nadu,Rajapalayam
State Tamil Nadu
Country India


Dear Sir/Madam, We are manufacturing Organic Soil Application Fertilizer in Liquid form.Our fertilizer and pesticide is made up of MICRO-ORGANISMS.The trade name of our Organic Soil Application Fertilizer is GOLDSTAR.Our GOLDSTAR contains of ten effective micro organisms , Humic Acid and Soil Conditioner.Benefits:1,Controls soil borne diseases and root gruds.2,Controls Nematodes efectively.3,Supplies NPK and all micro nutrients from soil and air.4,When regular usage of our GOLDSTAR,the soil becomes loose , healthy and fertile.5,By that way the effective micro organsms and other beneficial insects developed in soil.6,During regular usage , spray for pests and diseases are reduced / stopped.7,On regular usage , the yield will be increased and cost of production also reduced.Usage:-For all Fruit Crops:-1 For 1st and 2nd year crop 10ml/month or 25ml/3months2 From 3rd year onwards 25ml/month or 50ml/3monthsFor all Flower Crops:-1 For 1st year crop 05ml / 10days 2 From 2nd year onwards 10ml / 10daysProduct Pricelist details.Sl.NO. Product Units M.R.P1 GOLD STAR 250ML 249.002 GOLD STAR 500 ML 447.003 GOLD STAR 1 Litre 699.004 GOLD STAR 5 Litre 3246.00Note:- After using our Organic Fertilizer you should stop using other chemical fertilizers , pesticides and other substances etc.For further details contact below:-P.B.SRISHANKAR - + 9 1 - 9 7 8 7 0 2 2 8 8 4 [What’sApp also]