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  • Desi gir Cow ghee

    Place: Maharashtra,Nagpur
    Category: Sell

    Description :We provide Gir cows deshi ghee which is made using most traditional method called hand churned curd or bilona method. Our cows are well fed with organic green fodder and medicinal plants like tulsi, shatavari, ashvagandha, moringa leaves, neem leaves etc...which add medicinal values in our ghee....

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  • Pure ghee

    Place: Sisolar
    Category: Sell

    Description :I have pure home made ghee to sell with 100% purity guarantee

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  • Certified Organich Cow Ghee

    Place: Nashik
    Category: Sell

    Description :Our organic cow ghee is made using in house certified organic cow milk, with traditional fermentation method of preparation, which results in the ghee having excellent ayurvedic medicinal properties. We do not give any hormonal injections to our cows; our cows are fed with in-house certified organic fodder which is produced by using in house vermicompost, cow dung manure, cow urine etc. i.e. No chemicals, fertilizers are used to produce cow fodder. Our certified Organic Ghee is available in different packaging options to meet your varied needs and it can be availed at reasonable rates.PRODUCT FEATURES: • Source of Natural Iron with Natural Color no colors added• Made by typical and traditional way following the traditional culture and process • Prepared in a healthy atmosphere • Prepared from In House Certified Pure Organic Cow Milk • Prepared through Fermentation process • No Preservatives added • No Chemicals, no pesticides no hormonal injections used on cows and fodder • Rich in vitamins, Minerals and Metals especially from Ayurveda perspectives • Certified organic100% pure cow ghee• 9 months shelf life• Best taste and value for money attributes

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  • Organic A2 Milk

    Place: Chennai
    Category: Sell

    Description :Country cow A2 milk available for sale in Madipakkam, Chennai. Maharishi goushala and nature farm located in Arani and the milk is available for both wholesale and retail.

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  • agricultural producers

    Place: Bamenda
    Category: Sell

    Description : Hello we sale Groundnut kernels,Cocoa beans, raw cashew nut, cashew kernels, coffee beans, sesame seeds, maize, jute bags, coffee, hibiscus, dried ginger, onion Garnicia kola(Bitter Kola), Ginger , Garlic, Rubber Items, Palm Kernel , Spices , Rice Wheat Corn Cassava Cashew Nuts Groundnuts Edible Oils Palm Oil Rapeseed Oil , Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil , Corn Oil , Salt , Sugar and other food crops in large quantity..I need to export some of these to interested buyers!1

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  • Vermi compost

    Place: Bhattiprolu
    Category: Sell

    Description :Quality Vermi Compost available round the year.

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