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Price Rs. 500
Quantity 1
Units Kilogram
whatsapp vedant agrawal
whatsapp vedant511@gmail.com
whatsapp 9822221623
whatsapp 9822221623
Product Avalability Dates
From 07/11/2017
To 03/31/2018
Location nagpur
City nagpur
State Maharashtra
Country India


10 Ways Vedic Hydrogel is a gamechanger? Holds water up to 400 timesmore of it’s own weight.? Retains both nutrients and water.? Reduce frequency of irrigation byabout 50%.? Helps seed germination.? It is non-toxic, inert, harmless,and biodegradable.? Promotes growth of white roots? Good investment as it has a lifespan of several seasons.? Works excellent in bothsituations of scarcity and excesswater condition.? Restrict algae and fungal growth.? Provides aeration due to anti-crackingproperties