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Price Rs. 600
Quantity 1
Units Litres
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whatsapp 8639495640
Product Avalability Dates
From 07/26/2017
To 31/7/2030
Location MIG 95,ozp colony
City srikakulam
State Andhra Pradesh
Country India


Organic plant nutrient“MAITREYA”Nutrient for all flowering plants and VegetablesFertilization of flowering plants and Vegetables needs to be carefully done, as these tiny plants are very sensitive in response to Fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers give a shock to the plants and make them susceptible to pests and diseases. Homoeo plant nutrients are safe and smooth in giving required nutrition to these sensitive plants, as they work on vital plane but not on physical plane. At the sance time, the plants vital force is strengthened and no longer allow any pests and diseases to host on.1. Compostion : 1. Greater calendine 2.Yarrow 3. Ailanthus 4. Burm.f(Potentized as per Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia of Inda)2. Expiry : No Expiry3. Source : Botanical4. Action : Acts as a complete Plant Nutrient. Improves Yield, quality, fragrance, taste and shelf - life. Purely organic,non toxic and Non poisonous. A complete alternative to the chemical fertilizers. Assures higher yields as with chemicals.5. Recommondation : 1. For Flouriculture other than Roses 2. For all types of Vegetables.6. Packing : a. 500 Ml , 1 Lt, 5 Lt7. a. Quantity required : 1. Flouriculture : a) House hold : 50 to 100 ml of mixture per plant.Crops: 30 ml x 15 sprayers per acre per application.2. Vegetables : a) House hold : 50 to 100 ml of mixture per plant.Crops: 30 ml x 15 sprayers per acre per application.8. a. Method of Application : (Soil application)1 (a). Add 5 ml of Tincture to 1 litre of water and apply 50 to 100 ml to each plant (according to size) on to the soil.1 (b). Add 30ml of Tincture to 10 Litres of Water and apply to the soil when the soil is Wet. 15 such sprayers are needed per acre per application9. Schedule : Apply once in a Month for Perennial (Flowering Plants) plants Once in 15 days for seasonal plants (vegetables) : Once in 15 days Note : 1) Application in the evening hours,after wetting the soil is preferable to make the medicine more effective.Produce,eat and live naturally.