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Price Rs. 25000
Quantity 100
Units Litres
whatsapp Manish Patel
whatsapp worldwin2015@gmail.com
whatsapp 9099312830
whatsapp 9099312830
Product Avalability Dates
From 08/22/2017
To 10/31/2017
Country India


SW-10-G Seaweed Fertilizer is 100% organic in nature. It boosts the plant growth rapidly. It contains combination of both macro-nutrients (eg. N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S ) and micro-nutrients (eg. Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn etc.). It also hosts to cytokines, auxins like gibber lines, betaines, mannitol, organic acids,Polysachharides, amino acids, which all are very beneficial to keep plant healthy & fresh. Advantages:• Increases bloom set, flower size & fruit size.• Increases resistance of the plant & seed germination• Increases drought and frost resistance qualities• Prevent aging in plants (sen scene) and makes production longer.• Fruits & vegetables have greater nutrition value and increases its self lifeMethods of Usage:1) Aerial Spray : Which improves vegetative growth and improves quality of flowers , fruits etc.2) Soil Drenching : Improves Soil Structure & Texture and improves aeration in root zone.Recommended to use for all crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, Lawns, Terrace garden, balcony garden, pots, poly grow bags.Dosage : 4 to 5 ml per liter of waterApplication period: Once in every 15-20 days after 15 days of sowing/transplantation Features:It is derived from “Ascophyllum Nodusum”, The most researched Seaweed species for agriculture use in world. SW-10-G Seaweed Extract t is produced using unique proprietary process technologies, that liberates the active compounds in their most compromised and active state. Application of SW-10-G Seaweed Extract throughout the season improves desirable yields, Root growth and early plant development, Nutrient uptake and aid in stress resistance and recovery.